Aleksandra Hałat

born on November 24, 1993 in Nowy Targ,
graduate of the State Secondary Art School in Krakow,
currently a student at the Faculty of Painting and the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. For several years, she has been leading the team responsible for the artistic part of worship, organizing workshops, meetings preparing artists for independent work and using artistic media to express deeper content,
by referring to and striving for the idea of a “total work” – Gesamtkunstwerk.

collective and individual exhibitions:

– “III Winter Salon of Young”, Zofia Weiss Gallery, Cracow, collective exhibition,
– “Flowers”, New Era Art Gallery, Cracow, collective exhibition,

– “Youth in dialogue”, Krakow Culture Forum, Cracow, collective exhibition,
– Krakers Cracow Art Week – “At your fingertips”, Cracow, collective exhibition,
– “Partake”, CK Dworek Białoprądnicki, Cracow, collective exhibition,
– “Nosferatu – Strength of Fear”, Academy of Theater Arts / Promotion Gallery ASP, Cracow, collective exhibition,
– “Puzzle” 2019, Zalaegerszeg (Hungary), collective exhibition,
– “Ślady”, Kotłownia, Cracow University of Technology, Krakow, collective exhibition,
– “Do I not disturb you?”, Galeria Drugie Piętro, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, collective exhibition,
– Dom Podhalański Związku Podhalan, Ludźmierz, individual exhibition,

– “200 years of the Academy, 100 years of the Women’s Academy”, Galeria Cztery Ściany, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, collective exhibition,
– “Black and Gold”, SDK in Nowy Targ, individual exhibition,
– ZPiG, Czarny Dunajec, individual exhibition,

– “Half Circle”, Ruczaj, Nowy Targ, individual exhibition,

– “Exhibition of the best diplomas”, Palace of Arts, Krakow, collective exhibition,

– BPW, Kraków, individual exhibition.